Commissioners Uphold Demolition Order for Downtown Winamac Building

Pulaski County CourthouseThe Pulaski County Commissioners have agreed to uphold a demolition order given to a downtown Winamac building.

A hearing was held during Tuesday night’s Commissioner’s meeting for the property, located in the 200 block of West Main Street. The facility is home to a tax service company, but according to County Building Inspector Dave Dare, it has been neglected over the years.

“A lot of interior issues, I mean there’s no drywall in the building at all, you’ve got mold, you’ve got all sorts of fungus and stuff growing all over the whole building, all of which are telltale signs that structure is in dire need of a mold removal service from this site ” says Dare.

Dare was requesting that the demolition order be upheld by the Commissioners. No one representing the building owner was present during the hearing.

Prior to issuing the demolition order, the Building Inspector reviewed the site with the Pulaski County Historical Society to ensure the building does not contain any major significance. It’s considered one of the oldest in Winamac.

The owner’s have until October 16th to complete the demolition. Pulaski County can increase fines in an effort to encourage the owner’s to tear down the building.