Collaborative Demolition Effort Approved for Downtown Winamac Building

Pulaski County CourthouseA downtown Winamac building is ready for demolition.

During Monday night’s Pulaski County Commissioners meeting, Winamac Town Manager Brad Zellers appeared before the board to discuss a collaborative effort to tear down the structure, otherwise known as the Long Branch property.

The site was desired under a quitclaim deed after the county issued a demolition order against the site. Zellers says the structure is now under the Town of Winamac’s name.

“I guess we’re ready to tear it down,” says Zellers. “NIPSCO has not disconnected the gas line, yet. But other than that, it’s ready to go. I guess I’m looking for a little assistance, possibly.”

Pulaski County will provide trucks to remove debris from the site so long as Winamac is responsible for the demolition.

Monday night’s meeting brought with it discussion of who is responsible for the cost of hauling debris to local landfills. Current estimates put the cost at $35 per ton, but there is no estimate for the weight of the material.

Zellers says they have some short-term plans for the location.

“For now, we’re just going to fill it in, level it, put some dirt, put grass, mow it,” says Zellers. “Maybe put a little welcome trail thing there.”

The Pulaski County Commissioners expressed some concerns about who will be managing the materials, but were reassured by their County Attorney.

The collaborative effort was approved, unanimously.