Knox Readies Funding for Splash Pad

Knox Elected Officials
Knox Elected Officials

The City of Knox is making sure it has funds ready for the city’s splash pad project. The City Council had approved spending up to $150,000 for the project back in January.

In order to make sure there’s a place for that money to come from, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston asked the council Tuesday to make available another $40,000 each from the County Economic Development Income Tax and Riverboat funds, “I wanted to have an additional appropriation because we have the funds in there, and I believe that the other appropriations that we already have targeted will be needed for other things like insurance and economic development and the other things that we have in our CEDIT Fund and our Riverboat.”

He says there’s more than enough money in the two funds, “So if we spend every bit of our appropriation, which hopefully we won’t – but the appropriation means that you have the authority to spend it if you want to – we’ll still have $73,792 in our Riverboat and we’ll still have $256,465 in our CEDIT. So it doesn’t look like we’re going to be overly stretched, but I wanted to make sure we did an additional appropriation for it”

No comments were offered during a public hearing, and the council approved the additional appropriations unanimously.