Ancilla to Hold Second Annual Day of Giving Next Week

Ancilla College NEWAncilla College is asking the public to “Join the Charge” and take part in its second annual Day of Giving next week.

Vice President of Development Todd Zeltwanger says donors can make a big difference in helping Ancilla provide financial assistance to students, “There are many scholarship opportunities that students can apply for, and many of those funds come about because we have generous donors, many of them out there in this listening area, that have given to us for years. We appreciate them very, very much, and those funds that come in go right out to helping our students with their tuition assistance and other educational expenses.”

While he says donations are welcome at any time, the Day of Giving will be a special opportunity. “We really try to push this day, for 24 hours of Friday, April 29, from midnight to the next midnight, to give at least $24 during that 24-hour period of time, all online,” Zeltwanger says. “They can give more, absolutely can, but that’s really all to get the ball rolling and get people starting to give. Last year we had about 60 donors or so that did the event last year. We want 200 donors this year.”

As part of that effort, Zeltwanger says there will be some fun incentives for those who donate on April 29, “If we meet some goals throughout that time period, we’ve got some contests, some challenges out there. And one in particular is Dr. [Ken] Zirkle, our president, has agreed to kiss one of the baby calves out there that are that are being born now if we reach a certain goal, so that will be promoted out there that day and some other things like that.”

Additionally, Tony Ross will be broadcasting from the Ancilla campus from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on WKVI’s sister station, MAX 98.3. Students, faculty, and staff will also be encouraged to celebrate Ancilla on social media using the hashtag #jointhecharge.

For more information on how you can take part and make a donation, visit