Tippecanoe River Mussels Focus of New Exhibit

Tippecanoe River State Park
Tippecanoe River State Park

A new exhibit at the Pulaski County Public Library will give residents the chance to learn more about the Tippecanoe River and some of its wildlife. The “Heart of the Tippy” exhibit created by Purdue University scientists focuses on the freshwater mussel species that live in the river.

The scientists say the Tippecanoe River used to be home to the largest population of clubshell mussels in the world. Now, these and other mussel populations are being threatened by water pollution, and six of the river’s mussel species are federally listed as endangered or threatened.

“Heart of the Tippy” will be officially unveiled to the public during a reception this evening from 5:00 to 7:00. It will be on display at the library until May 13.

More information about the mussels and their impact on the Tippecanoe River can be found on Purdue’s “Heart of the Tippy” website.