Water Line Plans to be Completed to Former B & H Supply Building

SCILLThe B & H Supply building could have water in the coming weeks.

At the Knox Board of Works meeting on Wednesday, Water Superintendent Todd Gardner explained the proposed site for future learning opportunities through the SCILL center does not have access to city water.

He says hopefully the work will be completed before the winter cold descends on the local area.

“My only concern is that if they have to sublet the thing in the winter or something, I don’t know how they’re going to get the water line to it, it’s going to be a nightmare,” says Gardner. “We need to figure out what’s going on over there.”

The City of Knox brought water piping to the property line, but now it is up to the property owner, the SCILL Center, to complete the water line from the property line to the structure itself.

The former B & H Supply building was proposed to house either welding or robotics for students taking advantage of the SCILL Center’s learning opportunities. SCILL works to train the local population with the skills required by local employers.

This year, Starke County Economic Development Foundation Special Projects Coordinator Ron Gifford says the building will mostly be used for storage and perhaps some minor fabrication. Reasons behind the delay mostly surrounded the start of the school year. Gifford says they have no plans at this time for a tenant or new occupier of the space.

Gardner says the urgency depends on their plans.

“If it just sits there empty and nothing happens with it, then I’m okay not messing with it,” says Gardner. “But if they decide to sell it or decide to do something with it.”

Water will be extended to the B & H Supply building in the next 45 days or so, according to the SCEDF following conversations with the City of Knox.