Winamac Council Again Opens Paving Bids

 The Town of Winamac has once again received bids for street paving work. The town council met in special session Monday for its third attempt at opening paving bids.

Central Paving and E & B Paving were once again the only two contractors to bid on the work. Like last time, Central Paving submitted the lower bid, this time for $212,886.50. Meanwhile, E & B Paving’s most recent bid was for $216,162.50.

The Winamac Town Council originally planned to open the bids July 20, but a complaint from Central Paving about the number of changes in project specifications led the opening to be delayed by a couple days. However, after those bids came in lower than expected, Town Manager Brad Zellers requested to rebid the work. He said at the time that by doing so, the town could complete double the amount of paving from its original plans.

Zellers says that the work will be funded in part by the $146,000 Community Crossings matching grant received from the state. He plans to review the bids, before making a recommendation to the council.