Pulaski County Preparing for Talks On Winamac Recycling Service

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County is encouraging the head of its Recycling and Transfer Station to get in touch with the Town of Winamac to talk recycling.

The suggestion, made during Monday night’s Pulaski County Commissioner’s meeting, comes days after the Winamac Town Council discussed the level of dissatisfaction residents of the community are experiencing with its recycling service.

Recycling and Transfer Station Manager Brad Bonnell says he’s certainly seeing it at their location.

“You would be surprised how many town people come to the recycling center and drop off their recyclables because they’re so unhappy,” says Bonnell.

The Town of Winamac is under a two year contract for trash removal with recycling included.

According to discussion during last week’s Winamac Town Council meeting, recycling is being dumped in the trucks along with the garbage. Council members said they would like to see the service kept local should they decide to go another direction. That, they hope, will ensure recycling is being conducted properly.

The groundwork still needs to be laid before the Recycling and Transfer Station could begin providing recycling service to Winamac residents. Bonnell says, for example, additional resources may be needed.

“I can’t supply the manpower either,” says Bonnell. “They’re going to have to supply some employees too. I’ve probably got the equipment to do it, but I don’t have the manpower.”

Other considerations brought up during Monday night’s Pulaski County Commissioner’s meeting include how much, if any, money might be saved by making the switch, and whether the refuse contract will stay at similar price levels without recycling included.

Should the Town of Winamac come to an understanding with the Recycling and Transfer Station, the Pulaski County Commissioners and Council will give final approval.