N.J.-S.P. School Board Delays Appointment of New Member

The North Judson-San Pierre School Board is still discussing who they will appoint as a new school board member. Board member Derrick Stalbaum announced Tuesday they will be tabling this decision. “Although as a board we feel that we operate in good faith, we must admit that we made an error in the legal interpretation of the Indiana Code, resulting in a violation of the Indiana Open Door Policy,” he said. “Due to this, we will table the appointment of the new board member until the five candidates are interviewed, which will be open to the public.”

It was also announced by School Board President Pat Goin that the North Judson Town Council does not wish to participate in the appointment process.

Tuesday’s meeting also featured the award presentation and honoring of former board member Larry Lambert and outgoing member Mike Sharkozy. Both men were honored with a plaque to celebrate their service as well as a lifetime Blue Jay sports pass.

Lambert, who had been on the school board for 16 years,  was honored to be given this award. While receiving the award Lambert said that he enjoyed his time on the board. He also stated that he wouldn’t be leaving the area anytime soon, “I’ll still be around, my family has been here for 160 years plus. Charge on!”

Sharkozy had his last school board meeting on Tuesday. He was sad to be leaving the board, but he stated his confidence in their work without him. “I’ve enjoyed my time on the board,” he said. “These are some great people. I know I am leaving it in good hands.”