Eastern Pulaski School Board Approves Projector Purchase


The Eastern Pulaski School Corporation is in the process of upgrading projectors in several classrooms. Superintendent Dan Foster says the ones that are being replaced are about seven years old.

“A lot of them are overheating, and every time a bulb goes out it’s about $200 for a light bulb. For about $100 more we are able to get these better projectors,” Foster said.

Eastern Pulaski installed 10 of the Casio bulbless and fanless projectors last year, and they are working well, according to Foster. He says the board is using money remaining from the recent school renovation project to buy 68 more.

Immediate plans call for projectors that fail to be replaced by new ones on an as-needed basis, with more to switched out over the summer. Foster says they should be up by the fall.

He adds they will be quieter and less obtrusive than the current projectors, which tend to hum loudly and vibrate while they are running.