Ancilla College Forms Collaboration with University of Evansville Business School

Ancilla College students who complete a two-year business degree have an opportunity to continue their education in a nationally recognized program.

The two-year private college has a formal collaborative agreement with the University of Evansville in support of Ancilla students who wish to pursue a four-year degree. The school’s Schroeder School of Business is the number-one rated business administration program in the country for small colleges.

Several Ancilla students, faculty and staff members attended a recent orientation on the University of Evansville campus.

They heard from several students about the School of Business comprehensive career placement program, which begins when students enroll. The Schroeder School has a 98-percent placement rate for graduates, with a median starting salary of $42,500.

The University of Evansville also has the number-one-ranked study abroad program in the United States at its Harlaxton College in Grantham, England. The school is housed in a massive historic estate and hosts an extensive array of courses, often partnering with other colleges.