Culver-Union Township EMS to Hire More Staff


The Culver-Union Township EMS Department is available for growth.

During her report to the Culver Town Council this week, EMS Director Kathy Hart said that she has interviewed four candidates for two open part-time positions, but she was hoping that she could build the personnel pool. She had not filled those positions at the time of the council meeting on Monday.

She questioned the council how many employees she was allowed to hire. Council President Ginny Bess Munroe said she remembered Hart requested two at one point, but she wasn’t sure if that was an official action. In previous meetings, Hart was given permission to increase the staff.

Munroe said if she can build a crew that can cut down on overtime, that could be beneficial to the EMS budget and could allow more flexibility in case employees need time off.

The council members agreed to allow Hart to hire up to six part-time employees to help in the Culver-Union Township EMS Department.

More information on the department and email information for Kathy Hart is available on the town’s website at