IDEM Announces Recycling Grant Availability


Grants are available from the state to advance recycling efforts. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management is offering funds from the Recycling Market Development Program to municipalities, nonprofit organizations, public and private businesses located and doing business in Indiana.

Eligible candidates may seek grants ranging from $1,000 to $500,000 with a 50-percent required match. Proposals should demonstrate an understanding of the changing economy for recyclers by looking at where money can be used most effectively by businesses and communities to help achieve increased recycling statewide.

They should also demonstrate a need for the project, an increase in recyclable material collection, a reduction in municipal solid waste shipped for final disposal and improved partnerships with communities, such as increased public awareness of recycling opportunities through tangible outreach and education efforts.

The Recycling Market Development Board will make final funding determinations by the end of the year.

To apply, please visit IDEM’s website at For additional information, contact (800) 451-6027 or