Pulaski County Commissioners Approve Tourism Advertising Campaign

The Pulaski County Commissioners yesterday approved a scaled-back tourism marketing campaign. CDC Executive Director Nathan P. Origer has clashed with the county executives for several weeks over their reluctance to purchase cable television advertising in the Chicago market. He started his presentation to the commissioners with an apology for storming out of their last meeting.

“I think my frustration was justified, but how I expressed it was unprofessional. We may disagree, but we’re all on the same team. That will not happen again,” Origer said.

Commissioner Kenny Becker accepted his apology, and Commissioner Jerry Locke thanked him.

Origer then presented a plan for online-only ads, as was previously requested. He explained it includes embedded digital video on websites and apps. The package the commissioners ultimately approved includes 125,000 impressions per month on all types of devices, including mart phones, tablets, desktop computers, laptop computers.

He says some of the ads will display as banners on the side of a website, while others will play before a video or app loads.

Origer says that will cost the county $4,200. Becker and Locke unanimously approved the scaled-back tourism marketing plan. Money to purchase ads is already in the CDC budget.

Origer also told them he’s formed a tourism committee of businesses that both cater to and are affected by tourism to help plan future marketing endeavors. He invited the commissioners to take part in their meetings as the group gets going.