Starke Hospital Invests in New Patient Beds

Starke Hospital nurses Brigitte Tholl and Carrie Starke orient themselves to the new patient beds, with side rails that make it easier for patients to get in and out of bed.

Patients who are admitted to Starke Hospital can recover in new beds. The hospital recently spent $96,000 on 12 new beds and mattresses for the second floor medical/surgical unit.

They offer a high-tech advantage over traditional hospital beds and also improve patient comfort and safety.

Director of Inpatient Nursing Janet Gillon says the new beds feature side rails that offer different support positions for patients when they are getting in and out of bed. They also have awareness monitors that let the staff know how the patient is positioned in the bed at any given time.

The beds are also designed to reduce the chance of patients slipping down to an uncomfortable position, which means the nursing staff doesn’t need to boost them up in bed as often.

Additionally the new gel-type mattresses are more comfortable for patients. Gillon says they are pressure-sensitive, which reduces the possibility of skin breakdown.

“Starke Hospital has an exceptional safety record when it comes to falls and pressure ulcers. The new beds will just reinforce these best practices that we already have in place, and provide a safe, more comfortable stay for our patients,” Gillon said.

Hospital staff have found the beds to be easier to operate, and more functional as well. They are easier to clean, and have more convenient foot controls so nurses and caregivers don’t have to bend as much or move equipment around to access the bed controls.

The bed purchase marks the first major investment in hospital equipment since the new high-tech CT scanner, which was installed in 2015.