Culver Stellar Communities Committee Projects Gaining Community Support

The Culver Stellar Communities Committee recently chose a lighter, quicker and cheaper project for this year’s Stellar Community application and the project is gaining support of community entities.

As a lighter, quicker and cheaper project, the committee chose the installation of recycled plastic benches and a story walk featuring Culver history along a proposed new bike trail in the Culver Town Park. It is the hope of the committee to build partnerships as part of the application process.

Culver Town Manager Jonathan Leist said the Culver Visitor’s Center is leading the bench project. Culver Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe told the council members Tuesday night that she met with the Culver Lion’s Club to discuss community and county level partnerships that could lead to an investment or help the town implement one of the projects. Munroe said the Lion’s Club was already looking into a similar history project.

“They were looking at the hotels and some other aspects of Culver’s history and what they’d like is for the Stellar Committee, or Jonathan, to come back to them proposing what our lighter, quicker, cheaper project would be and how it works,” said Munroe. “They would like to know what the finances are and then they would like to consider that among their board and their membership to decide if they want to go ahead and take on the project as the sponsoring agent.”

The town will continue discussions with both the Culver Visitor’s Center and the Lion’s Club on the partnership opportunities for the Stellar Communities application process. The letter of intent is due on April 28.