Knox Council Approves 2017 Street Paving List

The City of Knox plans to spend at least $75,000 on street paving this year. On Tuesday, the city council approved a list of paving projects proposed by Street Superintendent Jeff Borg.

It includes Washington Street from Lake to Sellers, Danker Street east of U.S. 35, Pine Street from Henry to Carlson, Jackson Street from Delamatyr to Bower, Fisher Street from Adams to Brown Circle, and Brown Circle itself.

Mayor Dennis Estok said there’s a chance the city will be able to do even more work this year, depending on state funding. “Remember last year, we got the 50/50 grant? There’s a chance they might do that again this year,” he said. “Don’t know for sure about that, but if they do, we’ll probably add on to that list.”

He noted that the Indiana Department of Transportation’s budget has not yet been finalized.