Town of Culver Working to Update Website

It’s a tool that Culver residents have appreciated over the years and the Culver Town Council hopes to improve its overall appearance.

The town’s website will soon be getting a facelift. Town Manager Jonathan Leist and Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim have been working to find a solution to make it more user friendly. Leist told the town council last week that only one person can input information to the website from one desktop. Ideally, it would be more efficient for all department heads to have access to the website to upload information for convenience.

The current software could be updated to allow for that access, but Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe asked to submit questions to the website manager to ask about different programs to use to make the website more modern. Leist added that updated photos would add life to the website.

For now, residents can get pertinent information about any of the departments and current events at