Winamac Continues Seeking Fireworks Donations

The Town of Winamac continues to accept donations for this year’s Independence Day fireworks.

Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger told the town council last week it would cost the town around $5,000 to have a display similar to last year’s. As of last week, just under $1,500 had been raised. However, some local organizations are still expected to contribute.

The town will continue to take donations until June 1. How much money is raised by then will determine the size of this year’s fireworks display.

The town has decided to organize this year’s fireworks display itself. For the past few years, the town simply collected donations, while a private individual was responsible for the planning aspect. However, that led to problems when donors didn’t pay the town what they had promised in a timely manner, while others requested an invoice from the town.