N.J.-S.P. School Board Schedules Hearing on Bond Issue for Improvement Projects

The North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation continues making preparations for a $5.5 million improvement project at the corporation’s three buildings.

As part of that process, Superintendent Annette Zupin says members of the public will have another chance to weigh in on the proposal next month. “We have had the tours. We’ve had work sessions. We’ve had meetings regarding these projects,” she told the school board Tuesday. “Now what’s going to happen is we have our regular meeting in June. That’s just a regular board meeting. The week after that, June 27 at 7:00, we have what’s called a 1028 preliminary determination hearing.”

She says such a hearing is a required step for projects of this size. “At that meeting, the Board of Education for North Judson-San Pierre School Corporation will consider the resolution for to construct the project,” Zupin says. “They will consider the preliminary determination resolution to issue the bonds, and that will be for the $5.5 million over seven years. So that would be part of your resolution.”

School board members will also consider a reimbursement resolution. “[It] would allow us to pay any preliminary costs related to the project in advanced of receiving the bond proceeds,” Zupin explains. “Now that reimbursement resolution is required by federal tax law when we enter into a project such as this.”

During Tuesday’s school board meeting, Zupin also recommended that board members proceed with the optional upgrades listed in the project plan for the high school. “We did talk about three options that we could take out or leave in, and those were the pool and the tennis courts and the temperature control,” she explained. “I believe it’s in our best interest to do them all. I think those temperature controls are important. I also think that the pool and the tennis courts are important for our students and our community.”

She believes all those upgrades can be done without a major impact on the corporation’s debt service.