Community Crossings Funds May Mean Sidewalk and Drainage Improvements for Winamac


The Town of Winamac hopes to make some sidewalk and drainage improvements, as part of this year’s Community Crossings projects. The state program covers up to 75 percent of the cost for local road work.

Town Manager Brad Zellers told the town council Monday that a few roads can use some upgrades. “17th Street’s pretty bad,” he said. “There’s several of them. So we’re putting a wish-list together, to see what we’re going to put towards it and get the match. We’re going to get a bunch of work done for minimum money.”

While standalone sidewalk and drainage projects are not eligible for Community Crossings funds, the program will help pay for the work if it’s part of a larger road paving project. Several items on Winamac’s list would take advantage of that. “On Franklin Street by the [future] police station and clear down to Logan, we can get that sidewalk done with grant money, where it’s going to cost 25 percent,” Zellers said. Drainage improvements are also planned in the area of Summit Street.

Zellers also told council members Monday that the town’s currently in the process of adding roughly 900 feet of storm sewer, so local factories can disconnect their downspouts from the sanitary sewer. The town also plans to fix the holes in the parking lot at the Community Wellness Center of Winamac.