Pulaski County Time Capsule Sealed for 50 Years

A time capsule containing current events in Pulaski County is now sealed and awaits reopening in 2066.

Jon Frain led the ceremony on the Pulaski County Courthouse lawn Wednesday morning where he recited the commissioner’s resolution in support of the time capsule entombment. He said several items were placed inside the vault.

“We have items from the Masonic Lodge, the Rotary Club, Lion’s Club, the Bicentennial Torch Fest Relay, a menu and a cup from One-Eyed Jacks, a t-shirt from WKVI, Power from the Past information, personal notes to individuals and people in the community, lots of drawings, yearbooks from both Winamac and West Central schools, the Halleck Award, something from Krysten L. Hinkle and the Bicentennial Committee, Pulaski County Human Services, and personal letters to the residents of Pulaski County from Governor Eric Holcomb and Vice President Mike Pence.”

The Frain family and the Frain Mortuary donated the vault which carries all of the historic items. It was buried on the southeast corner on the ground of the Pulaski County Courthouse.