Culver Town Council Held Public Hearing and First Reading over 2018 Budget

A public hearing was held over the proposed 2018 Budget at a Culver Town Council meeting on Wednesday. Council President Ginny Bess Munroe acknowledged that the council held a number of work sessions and departmental meetings over the budget. She handed things over to Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim who provided a basic synopsis of the budget to the public.

Heim said the proposed general fund is at $1,840,530 and the expected income is set at $1,815,437. She continued that with the proposed tax caps coming in at $29,135 that leaves a deficit of $54,228. She advised that she low-balled the income and the difference will not be as substantial.

Heim explained that the reason the total difference is subject to change also has to do to with the fact that some of the proposed increases have to do with one-time fees rather than ongoing charges.

“The different reasons for the increase in budgets, several of them have to do with large one time projects we’re planning to do with Stellar.” Heim said, “They’re not operational so they wouldn’t be continuing.”

The total budget estimate is $2,230,980. After the council moved to close the hearing, they held the first reading on the budget.

Culver’s Budget Adoption has been scheduled for October 10th. The second and third reading will also be conducted at that meeting. To view the budget notice for the Town of Culver that is available on Indiana Gateway