Eastern Pulaski School Board to Discuss 2018 Budget, Tour Facility Upgrades


The Eastern Pulaski School Board will discuss the corporation’s 2018 budget during tonight’s meeting. Board members will look at each of the corporation’s seven funds, before deciding whether to proceed with publishing next year’s budget proposal.

Each of the three principals will review the first month of school, while Superintendent Dan Foster will present tentative enrollment figures. Winamac High School Principal Rick DeFries is also expected to have an update on the transition to a 4.0 grade point scale and the introduction of weighted grades for certain classes.

School board members will get a tour of the facility improvements that have taken place over the past few months. The corporation has been making some additional upgrades with money left over from the recent extensive renovation project.

Tonight’s Eastern Pulaski School Board meeting starts at 5:30 EDT in the corporation’s Conference/Meeting Center.