Knox Downtown Business Owner to Make Repairs to Building

The owner of two storefronts in downtown Knox will be making repairs to the building, as ordered by the members of the Knox Board of Public Works.

A public hearing on the matter was held on Wednesday morning as the owner, Pete Milev, has failed to repair any of the issues cited by Knox Planning Administrator and Director of Building and Code Compliance Kenny Pfost. Pfost said the buildings at 1 and 3 N. Main Street have several major issues including brick falling out of the exterior walls, missing mortar in other exterior bricks, an unsafe door leading to the basement of the building in the sidewalk, boarded up windows, an old sign that needs removed, drywall that is replacing two windows above the front door, and many interior code violations.

City Attorney Leslie Baker noted that Pfost gave Milev plenty of time to get the work done. He sent notice of violations and give him a window of 45 days to show progress and nothing has been accomplished.

Milev commented that he’s remodeled some upstairs apartments and did make several improvements in the beginning. He added that he wants to make things right.

Knox Mayor Dennis Estok said the Milev’s lack of maintenance has made the building in worse shape and something needs to be done.

The Board of Works members imposed a $2,500 fee for the violations and approved a motion to allow Milev to meet with Compliance Officer Pfost in making a plan and schedule to make these needed repairs. That plan and schedule will need to be presented to the board of works members at their December meeting, and he will need to show substantial progress as well. If those things are not to the board’s satisfaction, they will order the fine be paid.