NJSP School Board Held Work Session Over Proposed Graduation Requirements

The North Judson-San Pierre school board held a work session last week to discuss proposed changes to graduation requirements and accountability grades. These changes would not only impact NJSP, but all Indiana public schools.

Superintendent Dr. Annette Zupin clarified that some things are still not set in stone but she wanted the board to meet to go over some of the issues that could arise from these educational adjustments at the national and state level.

There were quite a few topics that were discussed but a potential change causing major concerns is the different graduation requirements that are being proposed. With the adjustment, schools could no longer accept any diploma less than a Core 40.

Board President Sheila Akers mentioned this would mean that general diplomas would no longer count. There were some concerns about how this could be a disadvantage to certain groups of students such as those in the special education and alternative learning classes.

As a part of the work session, Dr. Zupin shared some ways that North Judson-San Pierre can stay on top these shifts. She emphasized the importance of open communication between the board members, faculty, parents and students. She wants everyone to be well informed about the potential impact of these changes. She said she will continue to pass along new information that is made available to her.

She also proposed drawing up a template to send out to concerned parents and community members so they could effectively voice their concerns to representatives. They’re looking to have those letters of concern submitted by December 5th.

In order to acquire the template contact the administration office at 574-896-2155.