Culver Town Council Discusses Police Vacation Pay

Culver Police Chief Wayne Bean discussed pay for the officers within the Culver Police Department with the Culver Town Council members this week.

He explained that with a shortage of part-time officers, there are a lot of full-time officers who will not get to use their vacation, personal or holiday time because they will need to fill shifts through the end of the fiscal year.

Chief Bean asked the council members Tuesday night if they would consider paying the officers for their unused vacation pay or any time off owed to them before the end of the fiscal year. He added that holiday pay will play a part in that request as well.

It is policy that employees in any department must use their vacation time or else they lose it, but Chief Bean asked to make an exception in their situation.

After a brief discussion, the council members unanimously approved a motion to pay officers for vacation, personal and holiday time they were unable to use during the fiscal year.

As part of Chief Bean’s report to the council, he noted that all officers completed taser training as they are now able to carry tasers. The tasers were donated to the Culver Police Department from Elkay Manufacturing.