Knox Officials in the Process of Finalizing Humane Society Agreement

The agreement between the Humane Society and the City of Knox is nearly complete, according to Mayor Dennis Estok.

In an October meeting, Mayor Estok informed members that steps were being taken to deal with the stray animal population within the city. This agreement designates the humane society as the place to house the those animals.

During last week’s Knox City Council meeting, Mayor Estok told members that a few additions need to be made to the contract before it is finalized. He added that he will bring the agreement before the council at their next meeting since there is currently no line item for this purpose.

He said it’s hard telling, with the winter season approaching, whether or not they will need to take funds from another source during this fiscal period. However, he said they will definitely need to add it as a budgeted item in the 2019 budget. Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston mentioned that historically, it has been listed under the sanitation department.