Knox Board of Works Members Receive Update on Downtown Building

The Knox Board of Public Works members received an update on the progress of repairs at 1 and 3 N. Main Street in downtown Knox.

According to Knox Planning Administrator and Director of Building and Code Compliance Kenny Pfost, the building’s owner has replaced the glass on the ground floor of the two-story building and installed insulation and OSB boards around the windows and above the front door. Pfost says owner Pete Milev plans to put some finished material over the OSB, but he’s not sure what material may be installed.

A sign on the outside of the building was supposed to be removed by a Jan. 12 deadline and that hasn’t been done.

Several other exterior issues need to be addressed including brick and mortar repairs, structural and sidewalk repairs, in addition to numerous interior code violations.

Pfost and Milev have come up with a timeline of repairs and it is the hope of the Knox Board of Public Works members that the work is done within the time frame given. Milev has until the end of May to complete the necessary repairs.