Knox Water Department Works to Improve Fire Protection

Knox Water Department crews are improving fire protection in city limits.

Water Superintendent Todd Gardner told the Knox Board of Public Works members last week that the fire hydrant fees collected helped pay for the installation of 26 new fire hydrants and updated several others to provide adequate fire protection in neighborhoods. 

Gardner explained that 20 of those fire hydrants were not even working. Six new hydrants were installed in areas where no fire protection was available. Those areas included South Prettyman Street at Ellis Street and at Danker Street, three in the Brown Circle area, and one on Prettyman Street near Mark’s Body Shop.

A broken fire hydrant was replaced in the 1400 E. block of East Culver Road.

Gardner said that there are hydrants that still need attention, but those may be tackled during a water line project similar to the Brown Circle project last summer.

Photos provided by Todd Gardner