Winamac Town Park Restroom Design Moving Ahead

Entrance to the Winamac Town Park

Design work continues on new restrooms for the Winamac Town Park. A preliminary architectural drawing was presented to the park board last week.

Board member Brad Zellers said it won’t take long to finalize. “You know, it would be nice if they could, I guess, get it done maybe by next month,” he said, “get it bid, see what monies we’ve got, see what we’re looking at.”

However, Park Manager Dave DeLorenzo and some of the board members had questions about the design. For one thing, the current drawing calls for fewer toilets than originally planned, with only one wheelchair-accessible toilet in each restroom. Town officials also expected the men’s and women’s restrooms to be more-or-less identical, but the drawing showed quite a few differences.

Zellers and DeLornzo planned to meet with the architect this week to discuss those design questions. A meeting with the full park board may also be planned in the future.