Culver Town Council to Make Amendments to Salary Ordinance

The Culver Town Council members will take a closer look at amendments to the 2018 salary ordinance.

A proposed change was made in the EMS and park departments. The EMS Vice Director would be amended to be a full-time ALS-EM2 position with an hourly range $11.75-$17.50.

The park department’s intern pay would be $13 to $15. As explained by Council President Ginny Bess Munroe, the intern would actually take on a more extensive position such as an assistant to the park superintendent. The person would undertake scheduling, concession management and vendor management.

The question of a proper job description and job title for the intern position was discussed. An assistant superintendent or park manager might be a better fit for the responsibilities expected.

It was mentioned that Munroe, Town Manager Jonathan Leist and Park Superintendent Anna Campbell Nowalk would be meeting this week to look into the positions at the park. The idea is to have a better grasp of what roles supervisors should have at the park.

Munroe had some concerns about the EM2 position wages. She wants to hire paramedics within the mid-range of what is proposed. EMS Director Kathy Hart stressed that Culver is attempting to attract good quality paramedics and it’s a little difficult with the current rate of pay. She says it’s the lowest in the area, but it’s a problem statewide.

After further discussion, the council members voted unanimously to approve the ordinance on first reading, with the understanding that several changes will be made prior to the second reading in a future meeting.