Medaryville Town Council Votes to Build Water Tower

The Medaryville Town Council members will work to get funding to build a new water tower.

The town council members met in special session Monday night to discuss repairing the current water tower or erecting a completely new structure. According to Clerk-Treasurer Judy Harwood, the council weighed both options quite heavily. They eventually decided to build a new water tower as it was the most economical option.

They found that repairing the current apparatus would cost around $202,000 while building a new one would cost upwards of $800,000. Hardwood stressed that estimate is not researched, but McMahon Engineers/Architects will look into the preliminary cost of a new tower that would best fit the needs of the Town of Medaryville.

The town previously dismissed the engineering firm to work with Commonwealth Engineers, but Harwood noted that McMahon Engineers/Architects were reinstated during Monday night’s meeting by a council vote.

The town council also voted to seek the assistance of K-IRPC for the purpose of assembling an income survey. It is the hope of council members that the tower can be funded by a grant and a local match and an income survey is required in the process.

The new water tower will be built on land recently acquired by the town that is located across the street from the Medaryville Town Hall on East Main Street.