Pulaski Memorial Hospital Provides Tips for Patient Safety Week

In recognition of Patient Safety Awareness Week which runs from March 11th through the 17th this year, Pulaski Memorial Hospital has issued a few tips to keep patients safe and to help them take an active role in their healthcare.

One tip they provide is to keep your hands clean. In order to effectively prevent the spread of infection, hand hygiene is imperative. Make sure you wash your hands regularly and that your providers are cleaning their hands before performing any procedures.

They also encourage patients to speak up. While it is important to trust your health care provider, communication is a two-way street and you should never hesitate to express a question or concern to your doctor.

Additionally, patients are advised to educate themselves and participate in treatment decisions. Hospital representatives say that your healthcare provider has your best interests in mind, but you must be an active participant in your own care. Be sure to discuss all treatment options so you can make an informed decision together.

Pulaski Memorial Hospital CEO Tom Barry shared that patient safety is an integral part of the care that hospital staff provides and it’s everyone’s responsibility. He said, from physicians and nurses to patients and visitors, everybody must work together to ensure that patients receive the best and safest care.

For more information about Patient Safety Awareness Week visit unitedforpatientsafety.org.