Amended Traffic Ordinance Revised, Public Hearing to be Set

The amended traffic ordinance that the Culver Town Council members apparently approved in January needs to go through the process all over again.

Council President Ginny Bess Munroe explained that when the ordinance was approved in January, only three members of the council were present. She and David Beggs were absent from the meeting. The ordinance was approved 2-1, but it wasn’t a majority vote. Three affirmative votes are needed for a motion to legally pass on a majority vote. With that, the ordinance has to start with a first reading and a public hearing will to be scheduled.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist also commented that the wrong direction was listed in a subsection explanation in the ordinance so it must be re-advertised anyway.

The ordinance designates a congested motor vehicle traffic and pedestrian area on Lakeshore Drive and a no parking zone for 50 feet from the intersection on both sides of the street on Batabano and South Plymouth Street to the west on Batabono Street and to the south on Plymouth Street. There will be no parking allowed on the east side of Ohio Street from Davis to Mill Street and no parking on either side of Ohio Street from Washington Street to Jefferson Street. Semi truck and trailer parking is banned on residential streets. Semi trucks and trailers may be parked on private property in residential zones or at the street department or water tower.