Culver Town Council Approves Park Superintendent Conditional Offer of Employment, Salary Amendment

The Culver Town Council agreed to offer a conditional offer of employment to a candidate looking to fill the park superintendent’s position.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist said three candidates were interviewed. Two of the candidates actually withdrew from consideration which left one candidate. Leist said Amber Cowell was the candidate they thought would best carry out the duties of the park superintendent. The council unanimously approved a conditional offer of employment to Cowell. If she accepts, she will work in a part-time capacity to begin with and reach full-time status on May 21.

The council thanked Anna Campbell-Nowalk for her work as park superintendent over the past two years. They noted that she was instrumental in helping the Town of Culver receive Stellar Communities Designation Program status.

The park superintendent’s salary was discussed in an amendment to the 2018 salary ordinance. Leist explained that the park superintendent position would include a range amount instead of a flat amount, as it is with other town positions. The amendment would include a range from $18.75 to $20.25 an hour. A motion to approve the amendment was made, but it failed with no second to the motion. Council member Joel Samuelson wanted to have a range from $18.75 to $19.50 an hour to tighten up the range. After discussion, the other two council members in attendance, Ginny Bess Munroe and Tammy Shaffer, agreed to that change. The ordinance was then unanimously passed on first reading and then the rules were suspended to approve the amended amendment to the salary ordinance on all three readings.