Hamlet Council Questioned on Adult Entertainment Regulations

A potential use for a vacant Hamlet building was discussed during last week’s town council meeting. “I wanted to talk to you guys about the old IU Health doctor’s office next to the gas station,” said local business owner George Filip. “Would that be a problem making that a gentlemen’s club?”

Council members said they weren’t aware of any town or county ordinances banning adult entertainment, and they thought such a business did exist in Hamlet in the past. Still, they suggested that Filip take look at the ordinances.

Town Attorney Martin Bedrock asked what exactly a gentlemen’s club is. “Coffee and tea?” joked Water and Street Superintendent Fred Rowe.

“But you can go in there, and they’d be topless walking around, for entertainment,” Filip explained. “Looks only.”

Bedrock also recommended checking with the alcoholic beverage board, to check on what types of businesses may qualify for a liquor license.