Hamlet Zoning Board Considers Making Building Inspector a Paid Position

The Hamlet Zoning Board has reopened discussions about paying the town’s building inspector. Frank Lonigro says he’ll no longer do the job for free, according to Clerk-Treasurer Kristina Pitts. He first raised concerns during the board’s January meeting, but members wanted to look at restructuring the town’s permit fee structure before offering a pay rate.

With Lonigro announcing his departure, Board President Dave Kesvormas reopened the discussion during last week’s meeting. Pitts said there wasn’t a lot of money available in the town’s General Fund. Board member Brian Earnest added that there isn’t much revenue from permit fees to support a yearly stipend, either.

He suggested discussing the matter further with Lonigro, to ask him how much he wants to be paid. But Earnest added that if building inspector does become a paid position, the town should also open it up to other applicants.

The Hamlet Zoning Board agreed to discuss the matter further during an executive session next month.