Knox City Council Approves Final Version of 5-Year Parks Master Plan

Troyer Group Architect Mike Reese

A public hearing over the final version of 5-Year Parks Master Plan was held prior to last Thursday’s Knox City Council meeting.

Troyer Group Landscape Architect Mike Reese led the public hearing. During this process, he’s been coordinating with city officials and gathering public input about Heritage Park, Sandy Acres, Wythogan Park and potential new park.

He issued a reminder that by constructing a 5-Year Parks Master Plan, the City of Knox will be eligible for a land and water conservation grant through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. He explained, “So that could help fund some of these park improvement projects. It also benefits the acquisition of new park land so that could be used to help acquire some new park land and develop a new city park.”

The city is looking to acquire a piece of property across from Wythogan Park on US 35. The public survey that was conducted revealed that residents would like to see a dog park, a kayak launch, and an ice skating rink as potential amenities at the new park.

Another perk of the plan, according to Reese, is that it will provide some guidance to the park board and city council over the next few years. He provided a basic synopsis of some of the other proposed amenities and planned projects.

Widening the existing entrance and adding a new entrance to Wythogan Park, installing some natural-style play equipment at Sandy Acres and fixing the basketball court and adding more signage to Heritage Park, were all included as park improvement projects.

It also includes plans to address necessary ADA upgrades, improve parking and install more shelters and walking trails at the parks.

During the regularly scheduled meeting, members approved a resolution that accepts the final version of the plan. Click the following link to view a full version of 5-Year Parks Master Plan for the City of Knox.