Knox Landlord Addresses Code Enforcement Issues with Board of Works Members

The Knox Board of Works members addressed several code enforcement issues at 201 and 102 S. Heaton Street.

Building Administrator Kenny Pfost said an abandoned sign was just recently taken down at the rental unit at 201 S. Heaton Street owned by Mike Minix. At the same residence, complaints of trash have been filed with the city.

Minix said that he’s attempted to get the tenants to clean up the property by leaving messages and letters notifying them of the action, but nothing has been done. Minix said that the tenants make their payments and they say that they’re going to get things in order, but no efforts have been made to complete the improvements.

Minix said he may need to make a more drastic action, including eviction.

An arrow board at the former pawn shop at 102 S. Heaton Street was also supposed to be removed, but Minix said that is the property of the tenant who leases that building. He will discuss it with the tenant.