Pulaski County Council Decides Not to Proceed with Additional Funding for Human Services

Pulaski County Human Services will not be getting a funding boost from the county. Executive Director Jacki Frain asked the county council last week for another $10,000, after the organization was only budgeted to get $30,000 in county funding this year. While that’s the same amount that Human Services got last year, Frain said it’s about $15,000 less than what it traditionally got in the past.

She explained that she has to put together each year’s budget several months in advance, before she knows what the organization will get from the county. But council member Ken Boswell pointed out that last year’s budget should have been a good indication. “Wouldn’t you base it on what you got this year, or you would ask for more but knowing that you might not get more because there might not be more to give?” he asked.

“Well, there was never really an explanation given to me why we went drastically from $45,000 to $30,000,” Frain responded. “I understand $5,000.” She explained that money goes along way in helping with the organization’s cash flow, until reimbursements for transportation services are received.

Council member Linda Powers pointed out that several agencies have had their county funding cut in recent years. “Of course, we’re getting cut by the state, so I don’t know how people to expect us to continue to give more money, when we’re getting cut by the state, as well,” she said. “We don’t know our budget until – we’re all in the same boat. It’s tough.”

In the end, council members decided not to act on Frain’s request to advertise a $10,000 additional appropriation for further consideration.