Pulaski County Ambulances Back in Use, Following Repair Work

Two of Pulaski County’s ambulances are back in service, following recent repairs. EMS Director Bryan Corn told the county commissioners Monday that the truck that was damaged in an accident on Christmas Eve seems to be working fine now. “We’re using it. So far, we haven’t had any issues,” he said. “Tomorrow at 3:00, I have a rep from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security coming. They’re going to do an inspection on it, and then we’ll have all the documentation paperwork from them that it’s passed their inspection.”

The commissioners then agreed to allow Corn to pay the county’s $10,000 share of the repair cost. “$3,000 of that is our insurance deductible,” Corn explained. “The other 7,000-some-odd dollars, that is when the insurance company first came out and did the estimate and they told us, ‘Oh yeah, you can take it up to Dobson’s and they’ll fix it for 7,900-some-odd dollars,’ and we’re like, ‘Uh, I don’t know.’ Well, while we were kind of in that holding pattern, being like, ‘You need to get somebody else in here and look at it,’ before the insurance company agreed to send it to Iowa, they sent that estimate check to us.”

Meanwhile, Corn said the county’s oldest ambulance is also working properly, now that its fuel tank has been replaced. But he said the EMS department now has to catch up on maintenance to its other trucks that had to be delayed when the two ambulances were out of service.

While reviewing last month’s statistics, Corn said the department took two hospital transfers, while denying seven. However, he said those numbers have started to improve in June, as two new paramedics have finished orientation and begun working.