Knox Board of Works Awards Bids for Community Crossing Grant Projects

Knox Board of Public Works and Safety members considered bids for two Community Crossings projects when they met last Wednesday.

Street Superintendent Jeff Borg told board members that since the 2018 grant application has not been submitted yet, these proposed projects are not a done deal. Borg said, “The way this will work is, we have bid them out and we will award the contractor with the bid, providing that we are awarded the grant.”

He explained that the bids were broken up to account for two separate projects; a mill and fill job as well as an overlay project. The companies that submitted offers were E&B Paving and Reith.

E&B Paving submitted a bid of $194,060 for the mill and fill project and offered $188,096.63 for the overlay work, for a total bid of $382,156.63. On the other hand, Reith-Riley’s total bid was $324,125 for the whole project, with an offer of $166,250 to do project one and a bid of $157,875 for project two.

Since Reith-Riley submitted the lowest bid for both projects, the members voted to accept their bid, under the condition that the bids met all of the specifications and depending on whether or not the city is awarded the Community Crossings Grant for this work.

In addition to these two projects, Borg mentioned the work that’s been completed as a part of the City’s 2018 street paving projects will be submitted as project number three in their grant application for possible reimbursement.

Applications are due by the end of August and they’re expected to be reviewed and scored during the month of September, with an award announcement anticipated later in the fall.