North Judson FFA Paints the Town Red (and Yellow)

Photo Source: Town Photographer Peggy Bohac

The North Judson FFA recently completed a project with results that span the entire town.

Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe told town council members last week that he provided Agricultural Educator and FFA Advisor Emily Duvall with a map of the town to help with a fire hydrant painting project.

He noted that initially the high school students discussed doing designs but eventually settled on just utilizing solid colors. He noted that he was able to get a good deal on paint brushes and had one can of red paint and two cans of yellow paint for them to use.

The students tackled the project last Tuesday, painting some of the 96 fire hydrants around town.

A full list of the students in the picture who participated in this project can be found below:

First Row (L-R-including all that are kneeling)- Chloe White, McKayla Stowe, Haley Hartmann, Cherish Day, Shelby Cornwall, Madison Johnson, Kayden Ginder, Olivia Stamps, Dakota Reed

2nd Row (L-R- all sitting)- Sara Clemons, Kimberly Miramontes-Perez, Dakota Finch, McKenzie Griffith, Lauren Powers, Shiann Hazi

3rd Row (L-R- all standing)- Andrew Attinger, Chloe Kraus, Gerrit Knip, Mallory Tilleraas, Camden Lidgard, Jacob Mabus, Keaton Redlin, Andrew Rowe, Andrew Wilcox, Emily DuVall, Megan Krzyzanowski, Dustin Camp, Abigaile Hillers, Catherine Linderman, Allen Bokodi, Trinidi Shaffer, Mishayla Stacy

*identifiers courtesy of Peggy Bohac, Town Photographer