North Judson Fire Chief Discusses Equipment Testing With Town Council

photo source: NJ-Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department FB Page
North Judson-Wayne Township Fire Chief Joe Leszek informed town council members about some equipment testing that took place earlier this month. Chief Leszek told the council Monday night that the department recently tested their hoses to check for any that were damaged.

He said the hose testing went well for the most part. There was some four-inch hose that failed but since that was provided from some other departments for free, it didn’t set them back any. Leszek added that even though they had to scrap some of it, they still have a pretty good surplus of the four-inch hose.

He said there were a few other sections that had some issues but they already had hoses in reserve, so they didn’t have to spend a lot of money replacing hose.

He noted that after removing the faulty hoses from their supply, the department is back up to the standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Agency.

Leszek said, “Every hose that we had in the firehouse, whether it’s on the truck or for back up, upstairs in the rafters, it’s tested and passed for a year so we’re in compliance with NFPA again.”

In addition to checking hoses, ladders are also tested. The testing is done annually to ensure the safety of firefighters and the public.

On the Fire Department’s social media account, they mentioned that the International Organization of Standardization, the company who helps set insurance rates, likes to see this kind of testing done once a year. Representatives said that having records of consistent testing helps keep fire insurance costs lower.