Pulaski County Commissioners Hire Consultant to Seek Fuel Tax Reimbursements

Pulaski County Commissioners: Mike McClure, Jerry Locke, Kenny Becker

The Pulaski County Commissioners have decided to check and see if the county is eligible for fuel tax reimbursements. Last week, the commissioners conditionally agreed to hire consulting firm Malcon to help with the process.

Malcon President Charles Malinowski explained that several county vehicles may qualify. “For vehicles that either don’t use the highways, that you would be paying taxes to support the highways, or there’s a special purpose for those and one of the most important ones is the ambulance,” he explained. “Under this regulation, these guidelines, the State of Indiana allows you to get a hundred-percent refund on the 48 cents a gallon for diesel that you put into every ambulance that you drive.”

Under the terms of the contract, Malcon would work with the county EMS and highway departments to identify possible reimbursement opportunities and submit the necessary paperwork, going back up to three years. Of any reimbursement the county gets, Malcon would essentially keep half, up to $1,500 a quarter. That’s similar to an existing agreement the company has with the county’s EMS department for Medicaid reimbursements.

Since there was no financial risk, the commissioners thought it was worth a try. “Well, if they’re going to go back three years, that could come up to a pile of money,” said Commissioner Kenny Becker.

“Personally speaking, I think it’s a good idea,” said Commissioner Jerry Locke. “We’ve got a chance for revenue.”

“I can’t imaging there really being that much there, though,” cautioned Commissioner Mike McClure.

Locke replied, “Probably not, but every little bid’d help.”

“Yeah, take care of the nickels and dimes, the dollars will take care of theirselves,” McClure added.

The contract was approved with the stipulation that either side could cancel at any time for any reason. If the arrangement with Malcon doesn’t work out, Malinowski the company could show county employees how to file the paperwork themselves.