Culver Town Council Holds Public Hearing on 2019 Budget

The Culver Town Council members opened a public hearing Tuesday night in order to field any questions or comments on the proposed 2019 budget.

A resident asked about the Grants line item. Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim explained that with Culver’s Stellar Communities Designation Program, millions of dollars of grant money is coming into the town’s budget and it goes out as invoices come in to pay for the various projects within the plan. She showed it as a way to be transparent with all money being received and spent in the town’s budget. The town is expecting $2.5 million in grant money next year for the renovation of the Culver Beach Lodge and the construction of the Cavalier Sports Park.

Another resident asked Heim if taxes were going to increase.

“I can’t tell you what the tax rate is going to be because basically what they [the state] do is they tell us that this is the amount of money that we will give you for your tax levy, and then they figure out the assessments for the area. Based on the assessment and what we’re supposed to get they will figure out the tax rate and how much you’ll have to pay,” explained Heim.

Heim did note that the clerk’s budget increase is due to budgeting for the Unsafe Housing Demolition. It was increased $50,000 for upcoming demolition projects. The fire department line item is increased in the anticipation of the purchase of an aerial platform fire truck.

The 2019 proposed budget is just under $14.2 million while the proposed levy is nearly $7.7 million.

After the public hearing, the council members unanimously approved the first reading of an ordinance approving the budget. Additional readings will be held during the council’s next meeting on Oct. 9 when the budget is expected to be formally adopted.