Culver Town Council Reviews Planned Community Crossings Road Projects

The Culver Town Council is moving ahead with this year’s Community Crossings grant application. Town Manager Jonathan Leist told council members Tuesday the town is looking to finish a couple road projects that were originally planned for last year: Lake Shore Drive from Lakeview to Main, including sidewalk repairs, and Clover Street from White to Clymax.

“So we’d like to go ahead and move forward with the Lake Shore Drive and Clover Street projects with the funds that we’ve encumbered from last year,” Leist explained. “We hadn’t received a grant for those, but we’ll apply for it because this year, you can still be awarded retroactively. So we’ll go ahead and apply, see what happens, but if not, we’ve budgeted for that project, anyway.”

New projects added to this year’s Community Crossings application include School Street from Miller’s Merry Manor to Lake Shore Drive, Nueva Gorda Street from Davis to Akron, and Slate Street from Madison to Washington. That work would most likely have to wait until next year.

Leist said there’s also the possibility that the town could apply for funds to upgrade Batabano Street east of Obispo, then continuing south on Plymouth Street to Wabash. That would include sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. However, Leist said the town hasn’t gotten an official cost estimate for that work yet.

Council members voted to authorize President Ginny Bess Munroe to sign a letter, saying that the town has the funds available to cover the local match, up to a certain amount.