Oregon-Davis School Board Reviews Proposed Budget Ahead of Work Session

The Oregon-Davis School Board members held a public hearing last week over the proposed 2019 Capital Projects Plan and the Bus Replacement Plan.

Superintendent Dr. Don Harman explained both documents are on the school’s website.

“Next year’s budget will include the referendum that was passed,” said Dr. Harman. “It’s 10 cents in addition to what is currently 19 cents. I think the biggest thing with the budget, and all school districts in Indiana are going through this process, is that now with House Bill 1009 instead of having a Capital Projects, Bus Replacement and Transportation Fund those three will go into an Operational Fund. What has been known as our General Fund will now become an Educational Fund.”

The Educational Fund will include items such as teacher salaries and benefits.

The proposed budget for 2019 totals just over $8.4 million with the proposed levy at just under $4.2 million.

Dr. Harman said he plans to discuss the funds in more detail during a work session planned before the school board’s next meeting on Monday, Oct. 15.

Dr. Harman noted that the budget information can be viewed on the school’s website at https://odschools.org/.