Winamac Town Council Passes New Procurement Card Resolution

Winamac Town Council members considered a resolution Monday night that would take the place of one that was established a few years ago.

As previously reported, Winamac Town Council members passed a resolution back in 2016 that would authorize the use of procurement cards from the BMO Harris Bank out of Illinois.

At the time, they couldn’t acquire the cards because the Town didn’t have a recent audit. After one was completed, Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger reminded the council about the resolution.

However, members wanted to remain local so they asked her to check and see if their current finical institution, Key Bank, offers an option that is similar to what BMO Harris would provide.

She discovered that the bank does offer a similar card called Key 2 Business Commercial Card and informed the council members that the Town wouldn’t have to pay a “per card” fee, there are no monthly fees, a set-up fee is not required and there is also no associated charge for cancellation.

When council members met last Monday, they unanimously approved the new resolution that authorizes the issuance of individual procurement cards through Key Bank, simultaneously repealing the resolution passed in 2016.